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Pitlor Mechanical is committed to continually improving and upgrading our capabilities as contractors. Recently, particular focus has been directed to next-generation 3D and 4D modeling. The powerful capabilities these systems offer, has been a huge leap forward in our ability to offer a level of confidence to architects, owners, and engineers early on and throughout a project’s design an construction processes.

We also have experience utilizing BIM (Building information Modeling). By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, conceptual analysis of projects is performed with precision that was simply not possible just a decade ago. Visual representations can be tailored to display all or some trades’ work and show progress throughout the progress of the project’s design and construction.

Some of the advantages of this technology include:

  • Clash detection and virtual “fly-thrus”
  • Coordination with other trades’ work and conflict resolution prior to installing the systems
  • Assessment of a project’s feasibility and strategic planning, from both a technical and financial perspective.
  • Synchronization of all changes of the model to ensure all participants have access to the latest updated version.
  • Allows an organized, informed handover of the building to the owner, as the system can continue to be utilized to manage the service and track maintenance of the building’s systems.

To learn more about our Computer Modeling and BIM capabilities, click here.


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