Pitlor Mechaincal Omaha

"Serving the Greater Omaha
area since 1908"

pre-constructionPitlor Mechanical Corporation has consulted in the design, budget, and planning of several projects acting as engineer and/or consultant in “design–assist” or “design–build” roles.   Steve Pitlor is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer (P.E.) and with other graduate engineers on staff, Pitlor Mechanical Corporation is able to assist in projects requiring engineering assistance particularly with regard the design of new mechanical systems.

In the Design-Assist role:

  • Work in tandem with the mechanical engineers on the design team
  • Take on the role of consultant to assess and analyze feasibility of design
  • Assess advantages/disadvantages of design and offer alternative solutions or recommend simple modifications that amount to considerable savings of both time and money.

In the Design-Build role:

  • Take on role of mechanical engineer and contractor, offer ideas for different types of systems and budget options.
  • Generate official construction documents, both specifications and drawings, for use in design and construction.
  • Ideal for projects with unique specifications and/or remodel work requiring a tailored design to suit construction conditions

In both capacities, Pitlor Mechanical Corporation begins collaboration with the design team in the conceptual or design phases of a project. We can be an enormous contributor to the success of a project and reduce the likelihood of unexpected construction delays and cost overruns.


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